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This section of the LimbPower website is for individuals with or without a disability who want to become part of the LimbPower family supporting our work through joining our subscription programme or giving something back through one of our volunteering programmes.


Become an individual friend, family friend or corporate supporter and gain exclusive access to advice, services and information on how to live a fuller and healthier life. LimbPower promote health and well-being and organise events and activities to engage amputees and individuals with limb impairments of all ages and abilities in physical activity, sport and the arts. For full Friends of LimbPower benefits click on the 'view friendship' button below.

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LimbPower relies on the support of volunteers to provide opportunities for people with a limb impairment to engage in physical activity, sport and the arts. We need volunteers from across the UK - from a range of communities and backgrounds to volunteer at our events, sit on our advisory panels, sit on our fundraising committee, be regional representatives, mentors and ambassadors as well as offering admin support to our staff.

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Advisory Panel

LimbPower’s Physical Activity and Sport Advisory Panel consists of healthcare professionals and sports professionals, leaders in their field of work who can offer non-binding strategic advice to the LimbPower Staff and Board of Trustees to further the goals and objectives of LimbPower.

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LimbPower Ambassadors are influential supporters of the charity who share our passion for grassroots sports participation for amputees and individuals with limb impairments.

They can be actively involved in projects and help LimbPower by promoting and raising awareness for the work we do across the country. Our Ambassadors contribute positively to the organisation in many different ways. LimbPower are looking to recruit a sporting ambassador for each of our affiliate sports, to promote those sports and build relationships within those sports. LimbPower are also looking to recruit art ambassadors to grow our arts programmes.

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Regional Representatives

LimbPower’s regional representatives are amputees, individuals with limb impairments or relatives, who support other amputees and individuals with limb impairments in their region. Regional Representative is tasked with promoting the work of LimbPower within his or her area (Region); to the Limb Centre staff, amputees and limb impaired users of your Limb Centre, Private Clinics, Hospitals and local Country Sports Partnerships.

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LimbPower mentors are amputees or individuals with limb impairments who have benefitted from the work of LimbPower or excelled in a particular physical activity, sport or art and want to attend LimbPower events to support and encourage the participants to get the most out of their attendance. They take an active interest in each participant’s experience of the event offering guidance and encouragement. To find out more about becoming a mentor visit our mentors page.

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