This site has been designed to comply with the latest legislation, which is concerned to ensure the accessibility of websites to as wide an audience as possible.

This website has been developed to conform to the W3C accessibility guidelines for level AA compliance. We have endeavoured to conform to all the presented guidelines in Level AA wherever possible.

It’s possible to increase (or even decrease) the size of all the text on the pages of most websites. You can do this by using the font size controls integrated in your web browser. Web browsers all do this differently, but in general you should look at the options in the browser’s ‘View’ menu, failing which, consult your browser’s Help documentation. Here are some specific instructions for some of the more popular browsers.

Internet Explorer (PC)

Go to the ‘View’ menu, ‘Zoom’, and select your desired setting. The default is 100%. Alternatively, if you have a mouse with a wheel you can hold the CTRL key on your keyboard whilst scrolling up or down with the wheel to alter the text size.
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Google Chrome (Mac and PC)
Click the ‘Customise and Control Google Chrome’ menu on the browser toolbar. Click the ‘+’ option next to ‘Zoom’ in the menu to increase the text size or click ‘-‘ to decrease the text size.

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Firefox (Mac and PC)

Go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘Zoom’, then select ‘Zoom in’ to increase the text size, or ‘Zoom out’ to decrease the text size. Alternatively you can use the CTRL key with the plus or minus to increase or decrease the size.

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Safari (Mac and PC)

To enlarge the entire page, choose View > Zoom In, or press Command (⌘)-Plus (+). To enlarge only the text, choose View > Zoom Text Only, and then choose View > Zoom In.

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